Maintenance and repair of refrigeration equipment

KIFATO offers a complete range of services for assembly and maintenance work. We guarantee a team of highly qualified specialists who are able to respond quickly to all requirements; technical advice and efficient implementation of the most suitable solution.

Our service includes:

  • Control of the technical condition of the equipment
  • Inspection of the aggregates and components for external damage and safe fastenings
  • Cleaning of the condenser from dust and dirt, validation of fan rotation
  • Cleaning of the compressor, electric motors of fans, devices and equipment (if necessary)
  • Checking the compressor
  • Checking the integrity of the electrical circuits, tightening the contacts
  • Checking and adjustment of regulating equipment
  • Checking and adjustment of the temperature
  • Control of oil level, transparency and purity (for remote cooling)
  • Checking the voltage of the power supply network
  • Urgent repair of components and assemblies, free replacement
  • 5 YEARS PARTS AND LABOUR WARRANTY for installation and maintenance by the manufacturer company “KIFATO”
  • 1 YEAR parts and labour warranty is granted for installation and maintenance by third parties.